Dollar General Takes Swift Action Against Anti-Gun Cashier

Dollar General Takes Swift Action Against Anti-Gun Cashier

MOFFAT TX –  When Jason Orsek, co-founder and Vice President of Come and Take It Texas attempted to purchase a beer from his local Dollar General store last week, the cashier (we’ll call her Cynthia) blatantly refused to accept Orseks state issued gun permit as a valid form of ID.  Cynthia’s seemingly anti-gun posture did not sit well with Orsek.

After reporting the incident to Cynthia’s manager, Orsek was reassured that the issue would be handled and that Cynthia, along with the rest of the staff would be told that that the Texas License to Carry (LTC) is an acceptable form of identification.  However, no less than one week later, Orsek was once again met with resistance from Cynthia.  According to Orsek’s Facebook post, Cynthia intervened during his second transaction and told the another cashier not to accept his LTC…














After making a formal complaint to the Dollar General headquarters, Orsek got a very swift response.  The store manager called Orsek at 7am today and said she had an email from corporate about the incident.  They were not happy that Cynthia defied orders to discriminate against gun owners.  Orsek reports that Cynthia has been written up and reprimanded.  Orsek was happy with the response…

Very speedy response time! The manager said this was a very important issue to them (corp) and they had instructed her to rectify it immediately.

On top of the quick response, Orsek received another call a few hours later from the store manager who offered up a $10 gift card for his troubles.  He posted a video of him purchasing another beer with his LTC and gift card, likely on principle.  He plans to use the remaining balance to buy more beer when Cynthia is back on duty.


This incident serves as a microcosm of the anti-gun left.  They will use any any power, from the cashiers ability to refuse service, to the highest political office in the land to make life difficult for gun owners.  Orsek could have easily shown his drivers license to acquiesce to Cynthia’s demands and continue with his day, but he decided to make an example of her.  Now, not only has Cynthia been dealt with, but likely the entire Dollar General workforce will be made aware of this issue.  I respect Dollar General for dealing with this situation quickly and with seriousness it deserved.

When Cynthia rings up Orseks beer in the future with his LTC, he might as well be drinking liberal tears, and nothing tastes better than liberal tears.