Ten Reasons Libertarians Should Vote, and Vote Trump

Ten Reasons Libertarians Should Vote, and Vote Trump

First, some context.  When Donald J. Trump first announced his candidacy for President of the United States, I scoffed at the idea.  As a libertarian, I longed for another Ron Paul-esque politician to use the soapbox of the Presidential race to preach the idea of liberty, to further build on the liberty movement.  Sadly, Ron was not in the race, and Ron’s son and Presidential contender, Rand, routinely distanced himself from libertarians in a failed attempt to play party politics, so I didn’t see much ROI by getting behind the younger Paul.

Also, I was none too excited about the libertarian nominees.  I did not feel that any of the candidates really stood for or understood libertarianism in a way that could excite people and communicate to people outside of the movement.  Not to mention the Libertarian party (LP) is just not relevant in national politics.  They would go on to nominate Gary Johnson, who for all intents and purposes is not a libertarian, and in my opinion is a horrible communicator of the idea of liberty.  Thank god he wasn’t allowed to debate and ruin the libertarian name for good.

As the republican primary unfolded, it was clear that Trump was a creature that modern politics has never seen before.  A self funded businessman, who was not afraid to talk off the cuff, offend people, and remain unapologetic for saying mean or unpopular things.  The idea of attacking the media, calling out biased debate moderators, all while throwing Rosie O’Donnell under the bus without remorse was nothing short of spectacular.

With a generation of cultural Marxism coming to fruition at such a crucial time in American history, a candidate who not only rejects political correctness, but embodies it, is a welcome idea for this libertarian.  You see, if you’ve been in a political debate in the last 3-5 years, you might have noticed the race card, or the women card, or the homo card, or a myriad of other cards being overused by cultural Marxists to stifle debate.  Political correctness is a threat to speech, any speech.  If a Facebook post, or an off the cuff comment lands you at the behest of these cultural Marxists, you could be the target of a viscous smear campaign that could cause you great hardships in keeping or finding employment and with friends or family.  I am a big believer that policy follows culture, and Trump can be the spark that empowers the anti-Marxists to stand up for themselves and their ideas without fear.

As a Trump supporter I have taken on a lot of friendly fire from libertarians and conservatives alike.  The main argument against Trump, is just an argument against the state in general.  I’ve found, and am guilty of this myself, that once someone embodies the libertarian philosophy, they fall into this idea that since there shouldn’t be a state, or a President, that they shouldn’t endorse either as it violates their own principles.  While that’s a fine idea in theory, the state very much exists, and it will continue to oppress you with, or without your input.  I’ve come to the conclusion that we as libertarians are the most intellectual of any debate and should use our influence to shift the state in a better direction, so long as it exists.  With all that being said, here are your top 10 reasons to vote for Donald J. Trump for President of the United states.



In early 2016, one of the most conservative (constitutional) judges died in what some would say suspicious circumstances, nonetheless, this leaves a void for the next President to fill.  A choice that could and likely will affect you and your families life for generations to come.  Most libertarians I know concede that Hillary Clinton is a career sociopath and open communist, who looted government for her entire political career, so why sit on the sidelines and allow Clinton to choose the next nominee?  Trump was early to announce his short list of SCOTUS nominees, drawing from recommendations from organizations such as the Heritage Foundation.  Of all reasons to vote for Trump, this is the most logical and arguably the most powerful.


2. WAR

Hillary Clinton is a hawk.  She has consistently endorsed starting new wars and expanding others.  From the war in Iraq, to Pakistan, to Afghanistan, to arming unfriendly combatants in Syria, she has solidified her position as a war monger.  Surprisingly, Trump has held a dovish tone on war as an outsider, and now a Presidential candidate.  Although he has said he “will knock the hell out of Isis,” he opposed the Iraq war, and has gone on record saying that if politicians just went to the beach instead of meddling in the middle east for the past 15 years, we would be a lot better off.  He has held a “peace though strength” position on war, so the edge goes to Trump.


3. Political Correctness

As I touched upon in the opening of this article, political correctness is more of a threat to our existence than most people think.  If the productive class of society is bullied into silence, the state will continue its march unfettered to complete Marxism.  We have an entire Republican party that is afraid to say something negative about a racial group, or social class in fear of the attacks the media will wage.  We have seen a wave of insane behavior on college campuses where students literally see political debate as a physical threat.  Students are “fearing for their lives” after seeing “Trump2016” chalked on a sidewalk.  Trump is a threat to their lunatic agenda.  Trump puts fear into cultural Marxists and for that, libertarians should support him.


4. Guns

While I wouldn’t consider Trump to be a spokesman for the gun community, he is miles ahead of Clinton.  I admit that Trump, as recent as the first Presidential debate threw out the idea of restricting guns for individuals on the “no fly list,” has floated ideas that I vehemently oppose.  That being said, you will not see an anti-gun campaign under a Trump presidency.  There will be no rhetoric coming from the Presidential podium to ban assault rifles, or increase background checks, or cater to the whims of the Bloomberg anti-gun cultists.  On many occasions he has stated that handgun permits should be reciprocal in all 50 states.  Yes, permits are an “infringement,” but this idea, in a way, is expanding gun rights in one giant stroke of the pen.  States like Arizona, who have constitutional carry hand out permits mostly for reciprocity sake.  Having a national reciprocity on pistols would make traveling with your piece a lot easier, and idea that libertarians should support, so long as the state exists.


5. Healthcare

The slow death of the American healthcare system was put on a fast track with the passage of Obamacare.  The regulations and government controlled monopolies have stifled innovation and removed the incentive to enter the health care field.  I suspect that doctors and hospitals will start closing their doors wherein government will see an opportunity to “save” the system by completely taking it over as we’ve seen in Canada and in Europe.  Assuming you’re a libertarian, I don’t have to explain how markets work and why monopolistic, government ran health care organizations are literally bad for your health.  Trump’s position is to repeal Obamacare, and remove the state lines on competition.

However, it is not enough to simply repeal this terrible legislation. We will work with Congress to make sure we have a series of reforms ready for implementation that follow free market principles and that will restore economic freedom and certainty to everyone in this country. By following free market principles and working together to create sound public policy that will broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans.


6. Nationalism

This is a contentious topic among libertarians who believe they live under a philosophy that doesn’t exist in reality.  Obviously, I don’t believe in nation states, I believe in individualism and self rule.  However, the state still exists!  And as Murray Rothbard once said,

“There is far more fertile soil in this country than in any other for a resurgence of libertarianism.”

America was founded largely on libertarian principles.  Where the rights of the individual are sacred and allegedly protected by the state.  Obviously that isn’t the case today, but the spirit and the idea of liberty still exists in this country, like no other country on Earth.  The idea of importing millions of anti-liberty savages, who are a result of foreign policy gone bad, is asking for the demise of your very way of life.  Look no further than Europe, where an estimated 900 “no-go” zones have been established where violent savages have staked claim.  Libertarians often claim that borders are “imaginary” and no one has a right to prevent someone from immigrating.  However, borders are the core of the libertarian philosophy.  Without borders, the idea of land ownership and private property don’t exist.  We live under the idea of “shared” ownership, or public property, which is a perversion of libertarian principle, however, we should protect this fertile soil from anyone who is unfriendly to our ideas.  We need to make more libertarians, while keeping out our enemies.  The state creates enough statists through their education system, we don’t need to import hoards of third world savages who aren’t hip to indoor plumbing, let alone the idea of liberty.  Trumps anti-globalist stance has made him a strategic partner to the advancement of libertarianism.  We must protect this house, or we won’t have one.


7. Immigration

The nationalistic approach that Trump champions is a natural transition to immigration control.  If you are a libertarian, and have an interest in the advancement of libertarian principles, or even dream of a libertarian state (or anti-state), then you should want to BUILD THE WALL.  You see, libertarians most closely align with Republican ideals.  Although the republican party is a semblance of its original purpose, they still claim to stand for small government, free markets, private property, etc.  But if you look at the southern border, 70% of the Mexicans who immigrate here vote Democrat, which has morphed into a party of communists.  This means that Mexicans are fleeing the oppressive governments of Mexico, illegally immigrating to the US and voting for the very ideas that caused their pathetic existence in the first place.  This is not good for the prospects of a libertarian uprising.  Trust me, I hate the idea of border patrol operating border patrol checkpoints 60 miles within the borders of the United States, and the idea of ICE violating our civil rights, but if we keep allowing our enemies to vote away our ideas, then we relinquish a little bit of that fertile libertarian soil that is still prevalent in this country.


8. Education

Trump has been anti-common core from the start of his campaign, calling for the complete repeal of the federal top down curriculum.

“I’m a tremendous believer in education, but education has to be at a local level. We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education,” Trump said. “So Common Core is a total disaster. We can’t let it continue.”

So long as the government runs the educational system, it should be as decentralized as possible to mimic, as close as possible, a free market.


9. Taxes

What libertarian in their right mind would oppose the idea of having to pay less theft to the state?  I mean, I know a lot of broke libertarians who may or may not pay taxes, but there are a good amount of productive libertarian entrepreneurs and tradesman who have a large tax burden that would shrink under a Trump presidency.  Libertarians often talk about starving the state by using counter economics, but Trump is offering a way to starve the state by lessening their revenues, while keeping more money in your own wallet.  Why would any libertarian oppose this, while the alternative is actively working to raise your theft burden.

Highlights of Trumps Tax plan via taxfoundation.org

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s tax plan would significantly reduce income taxes and corporate taxes, and eliminate the estate tax.
  • According to the Tax Foundation’s Taxes and Growth Model, the plan would reduce federal revenue by between $4.4 trillion and $5.9 trillion on a static basis. The amount depends on the nature of a key business policy provision.
  • The plan would also significantly reduce marginal rates and the cost of capital, which would lead to higher long-run levels of GDP, wages, and full-time equivalent jobs.
  • After accounting for the larger economy and the broader tax base, the plan would reduce revenues by between $2.6 trillion and $3.9 trillion after accounting for the larger economy, depending on the nature of a key policy provision.
  • The plan reduces revenue by substantially less than the plan proposed by Trump last year, on both a static and dynamic basis.
  • On a static basis, the plan would lead to at least 0.8 percent higher after-tax income for all taxpayer quintiles. The plan would lead to at least 10.2 percent higher incomes for the top 1 percent of taxpayers or as much as 16.0 percent higher, depending on the nature of a key business policy provision


10. Culture

Lastly, the overarching influence that a president can have on the culture of society should not be underestimated.  I’m often told that presidents are just puppets, or mouth pieces who are controlled by shadow governments.  While that may be true, they still have the largest megaphone on Earth.  When used improperly, it can have profound effects.  When Obama used the megaphone to back the Trayvon Martin thug, who violently beat down George Zimmerman before taking a well deserved bullet, it completely polarized this country.  Instead of staying neutral on the controversial shooting, he kicked the political football directly at his enemies, while using a young thug to stoke a race war.  We have seen the rise of communist groups such as Black Lives Matter, and the rise of the social justice warrior under this president who continues to push and encourage communist propaganda on his soap box.

How refreshing would be to to have an unfiltered businessman, who is not afraid to flaunt success.  To encourage the American spirit to produce great things once again.  Who encourages young men and women to be unafraid in the political arena.  Who will use the largest megaphone on earth to squash political correctness and rail against the largest weapon the communists have, the media.

All that being said, I think the rather small investment of checking a box for a President who can help preserve the fertile soil we have here is worth the 10 minutes it takes to vote.