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HILLARY’S COVERUP: Internet Sleuths Uncover Potential Proof of Evidence Tampering

HILLARY’S COVERUP: Internet Sleuths Uncover Potential Proof of Evidence Tampering

A potential bombshell was posted to reddit last night showing what appears to be a two year old post from Paul Combetta, the IT guy at the center of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, asking for help manipulating emails for “VIP’s (VERY VIP).”

The post claims that the handle “stonetear” was associated to Paul Combetta as another website was documented giving appreciation to Combetta for hosting some files while making reference to the email address “[email protected]”  The post makes further claims that Combettas Etsy account was named “stonetear.”



Another reddit user posted the following evidence to bolster the validity of this potential bombshell:

Proof of Confirmation:

Paul Combetta has received immunity from the FBI:


user/StoneTear has posted about his interest about hiding and deleting links to an email address he claims to be “VERY VIP”


user/StoneTear confirmed for Paul Combetta

http://archive.is/P45cY (Main one linking the name and user name)



Has AKA’s:

StormTear / StoneTear / StonePear / PuterBild / ST|Gone and about a million other nicks 🙂

https://web.archive.org/web/20030217000743/http://exiles.darkseduction.net/paul.html (Contains pictures and References to username)

Further Confirmation For His Link to These AKA’s


We need eyes on these AKA’s because there could be much more there.

Repost this, upvote this, shout this from the roof tops, tell your friends, tell your family.

They will try to bury this.

TL;DR Paul Combetta while under investigation for providing aid to Hillary Clinton with running her email server posted on reddit requesting assistance in deleting or hiding emails for a “VERY VIP” employer.

edit: The user has deleted each and every reddit post (I watched his posts disappear one by one) for a little over 20 minutes. u/ stonetear is now empty, but Reddit has archives


Although “stonetear” has deleted all of their old reddit posts, the archived posts can be found here:



As of right now, this story has 3,307 upvotes in /r/The_Donald and 6,366 upvotes in /r/conspiracy which by reddit standards is a “front page” story (which is likely being censored).  A quick google search of “Paul Combetta” doesn’t turn up any mainstream media attention to this story so it is likely still being vetted, or being purposely buried.

If the posts weren’t made by Paul Combetta, why would they be deleted just as this evidence comes to light?