This Device Could Save You Hundreds in Fines!

This Device Could Save You Hundreds in Fines!

You may have seen my recent video where I purposely drove through school zones in Texas, where the use of cell phones are prohibited, with a fake cell phone to bait the cops into pulling me over.  Of course it worked as cops were out in force on the first day of school, ruining the days of many stressed out parents.

However, I was able to not only escape the ticket, but I was able to make the cop look like a fool for pulling me over for holding a block of wood to my ear.  My point was to highlight the absurdity of this behavior, and by the feedback I have received, it appears to have been a success.  To my surprise, I had several people reach out to me and request that I make these fake phones to sell online.  So I have built a small batch of these fake phones and well be accepting orders immediately.

**  BUY NOW **

For $9.99 + shipping you can have the insurance of having an alibi if you ever get pinched for holding a real cell phone to your ear in a “restricted” area.  Simply keep my fake cell phone in arms reach and when the cop approaches you and alleges that you were talking on the phone, simply hold the block of wood up to his face so he can read one of the two custom messages, “Fuck Your Law,” or “No Victim No Crime.”  You can pretend you were trolling him the entire time and avoid the high extortion fees that these citations carry.

If you haven’t seen the video I have posted it below.  Enjoy and drive safe… seriously!