Crowd Sourced Emergency App Will End Police Brutality

Crowd Sourced Emergency App Will End Police Brutality

With the recent high profile police involved shootings and the subsequent attacks against the police in Dallas, many talking heads and activists alike are offering up their own ideas to end the problem of violence between civilians and the police. None of which are ideas that involve economics.

Solutions to police brutality range from body cameras, tougher prosecution of bad actors in police forces and various other half measures that will never end the problem entirely. The problems that we see surrounding police are inherit to the nature of a monopolistic organization. Anytime a service provider has a monopoly in a given market, the incentive for said organization to provide good service at the best price is eliminated from the equation. Naturally, prices rise and the quality of service will decrease. Ironically, governments recognize the dangers of a monopoly as they continually break up monopolies in the private sector, yet they continue to run their own organizations in the same fashion and are even willing to use violence if anyone should dare to compete.

That being said, we have seen an uprising of cell phone apps such as Uber, and Air B&B that allows individuals to bypass traditional regulated, monopolized markets and trade freely with very little government resistance. Now the idea of peer to peer policing is taking the market by storm by way of Cell 411.

The revolutionary emergency services application is offering a technology that connects you directly to the people who actually care about you and are willing to help you during an emergency.  The idea is that your friends and neighbors, or anyone in your proximity can receive your alert, albeit car trouble, fire, robbery, etc., and respond quicker and more efficiently than the police.  More importantly, however, the chances of your friends beating you up, tazing you, or shooting you is far less than that of the average American cop.

South Africans have become one of the early champions of Cell 411 due to the high crime and ineffectiveness of the police.  As governments around the world fail due to decades of currency manipulation and central banking, police forces will inevitably struggle to meet their basic obligations.  The best way to protect yourself, is to take responsibility for your own protection and Cell 411 is the market leader to do just that.  For a chance to win a free Cell 411 t-shirt, download the Cell 411 and add me ([email protected]).