Oklahoma Cops Seizing Money Directly from Motorist Debit Cards

Oklahoma Cops Seizing Money Directly from Motorist Debit Cards

OKLAHOMA CITY –  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol now has a device that allows them to steal money directly from your debit or gift cards on the side of the road, even if you haven’t been charged with a crime.  This new overpowering weapon is called the Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine, or (ERAD) and state troopers have started to use the first wave of 16 that were delivered last month as documented in the video below.

All a trooper has to do is suspect that you may have money that may be linked to a crime of some kind, then the roadside bandit can scan any cards that you have and rip you off instantly leaving your bank account empty if they so choose. All this is being done without a warrant, without arrest, and without being convicted of anything.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said, “We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting, we’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s someway that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.”

Lieutenant Vincent sugar coated the new embezzlement scheme, “I know that a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money. That’s a very small thing that’ s happening now. The largest part that we have found, the biggest benefit has been the identity theft.”  He continued with his oppressive reasoning, “If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we’ve done that in the past.”

State Sen. Kyle Loveless, a Republican from OKC, exclaimed that the due process is not exercised when this type of theft occurs and that a suspect is always presumed innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law. Loveless stated that he’s already observed instances in Oklahoma where the cops are blatantly abusing this technique.

Loveless added, “We’ve seen single mom’s stuff be taken, a cancer survivor, his drugs taken, we saw a Christian band being taken. We’ve seen innocent people’s stuff being taken. We’ve seen where the money goes and how it’s been misspent.”

Loveless is currently writing up legislation to file next session that would require a criminal conviction before any money or assets can be stolen.

“If I had to err on the side of one side versus the other, I would err on the side of the Constitution, and I think that’s what we need to do.”

A local news station found a copy of the contract with the state. It reveals that Oklahoma is paying the ERAD Group Inc., $5,000 for the operating software and the portable card readers, then they kick-back %7.7 of all the seized cash that the highway patrol can deprive from the citizens they serve.

Last year Governor Martinez from neighboring New Mexico had to hold her nose while signing a bill that made it to her desk that did away with this tyrannical behavior. The tipping point is being reached in the unnecessary war between law enforcement and the people they serve, some state legislators help by just putting band-aids on an ever-growing pulse of lies, cheating, hatred, and despair.
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