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Bernie’s Socialists Love Private Property when Confronted on Voter Fraud

Bernie’s Socialists Love Private Property when Confronted on Voter Fraud

MANCHESTER NH –  The “Live Free of Die” state was on full display Tuesday as record amounts of voters turned out to the polls to check a box for their favorite candidates.  However, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and his undercover journalists exposed case after case of election officials willing to bend or break the law to allow non-residents to vote which is showcased in his latest bombshell video (below).

Although voter fraud was the focus of O’Keefes investigation, the most ironic interaction occurred when one Bernie Sanders Field Organizer encouraged an undercover journalist to lie about her address in order to vote.  Mariel Brown-Fallon was captured on camera encouraging a “non-resident” to use the Manchester, NH Bernie Sanders Field Office as her registered address.

“Ummm…could you say you’re staying at 345 Cilley Road?” Brown-Fallon asked.   The journalist responds, “could we?  Brown-Fallon responds with simple “yeah” with a mischievous half smile.

Apparently the attempt by the Sanders camp to help the Project Veritas journalist break the law was an opportunity that O’Keefe couldn’t pass up.  Microphone in hand and cameraman in tow O’Keefe ambushed Brown-Fallon and called her out, not only on her attempt to help a non-resident register to vote, but her own plans to vote illegally in New Hampshire as a Massachusetts resident.

As soon as O’Keefe walked into the back room of the campaign office and introduced himself to Brown-Fallon, she immediately cited that she was not allowed to speak to press.

“It’s my understanding that you’re from Massachusetts, right?  And your kind of exploiting the voting loophole by voting here and you’re leaving right away, right?  O’Keefe asked.

“I can’t speak to press.  she responded.

“Did you vote here?  Mariel are you planning to vote here today?  Because I think that you are voting here today and that would be violating the voting loophole in New Hampshire, wouldn’t it?  Because you’re not from New Hampshire and you intend to leave right away, so do you have a comment?

After the rather tense exchange, one of the Bernie campaign drones asks herself out loud, “hey, is this a private property issue or something like that?  Because this is my office and I get to ask you to leave, right?”

O’Keefe respects the young socialists request as he slowly backpedaled out of the office.  But I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we have a socialist, who fundamentally opposes the concept of private property, use private property to shield them from their own dishonesty.  Is anyone really shocked that Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff, who want to use government to steal wealth from the rich under the threat of violence, would use dishonest tactics to sway an election so they could one day get a “free” useless degree?  I’m not.

Private property not only includes your home or office, but also your stored labor (money).  If an individual trades hard work for money, he and he alone is the only individual entitled to that compensation.  And like the Bernie Sanders campaign worker states, that money is also their private property and they should tell anyone who believes they have a claim to that property to “come and take it.”