Open Carry Activist Pays Ordinance Violation with 12,000 Pennies

Open Carry Activist Pays Ordinance Violation with 12,000 Pennies

DENISON TX –   On Friday, after almost 11 months of dealing with an unjust citation issued to me for exercising my right to carry an inanimate defense object with me during a morning stroll with my three boys finally came to an eventful close.

Last January, I stopped at a local park so my boys could utilize the taxpayer funded public playground facility, while in the park letting my boys play I was conversing with a father of two young girls who were playing and about 6-8 other kids walked up and asked about the shotgun that I had safely strapped to my back.  I distributed pocket Constitutions to them and explained the legality and importance of firearms.

Then a red-faced oath-breaker Ronny Carney showed up with another cop and I approached them to converse about their arrival.  They had no problem with my firearm and didn’t know about any laws against long guns in parks and returned to their cruiser to call the Sgt. who instructed them where the law was and ordered them to charge me with a crime.  After being ticketed I demanded to speak to the Sgt. on duty at the time and by the time I got home he was at my door.  His scripted ramble about orders, policies, and “you’ll have to ask the judge” were monotonous and unwavering, ending with him telling me that I could be locked-up if I carried a long gun again the “wrong way” because it would fall under the universal Disorderly Conduct charge.

Several attempts to fight it would prove to be unsuccessful and more costly against a city insisting that another Anti-Freedom law passed by the Texas Legislature would trump anything that I had in my arsenal. The local government code title 7 chapter 229.001 gives municipalities the right to regulate firearms in a parks. No signs were posted, nothing was on the parks and recreation website and the cops initial ignorance of the law didn’t matter either, I was still issued a pink-slip to give them money when I didn’t hurt anyone or damage any property. The month prior, very close to the park and where we lived at the time a woman was hospitalized after being attacked by dogs, and a man was knocked out and robbed for his shoes.  Being defenseless is you’re only option, you’re not allowed to defend yourself with a firearm, a bow and arrow, or even an air gun in a public park.  The culprit is Texas’s version of the 2nd Amendment, Article 1 Sec. 23.

RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.  (Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.)

The Legislature has the POWER to disarm it’s citizens by handing down this unjust Statute to their Cities. The Lone Star State claiming to be gun friendly is actually the opposite, there are victim disarmament zones scattered throughout our communities and to carry a handgun you have to get permission and pay the state for your right to do so. The silliness and ridiculousness of Texas gun laws are to be laughed at by the likes of Constitutional Carry States like Wyoming,  Maine, Arizona, and Kansas to name a few. Our Legislature does not trust their citizens enough to allow them to carry handguns for personal protection. Many State Representatives and Senators are in districts that contain these Concealed Handgun License (CHL) instructors that obviously give to their campaigns and the loss of revenue to them and the state would hit them in the wallet.

So Freedom and personal self-defense of the people they serve comes second over money. Texas failed me again, which rolled down hill to Denison failing me by extorting $120 from my family right before Christmas.  It finally concludes, after continuous rescheduling and showing up at the last second with Attorney Emily Horton provided to me by my good friends Jeffrey Conner and Texas Radio Icon Doc Greene. Ms. Horton, concerned about having a ‘Gun Charge” on my record got the charge changed to a no-contest “unreasonable noise in public” and the fine reduced from $160 to $120.  Paying the fine to prevent armed authoritarian police coming to my house to kidnap me was unfortunately the only option I had left.

Two of my Freedom craving friends John Greer and James Garland took time out of their day to join us in support. I decided the currency to be stolen from me would be pennies, and took the idea of my cohort, Kenny Lovett for the delivery of this extortion and placed them loose in ammo boxes. When I approached the window of the shakedown collectors they were beginning to turn red in the face at the mere site of me due to my constantly going against the grain to defy the policies and rules of their kangaroo court. The sight of ammunition boxes being opened to contain 12,000 Lincoln faced coins was a laborious thought.

One of the clerks said “well that’s fine if you want to pay in pennies but we have an empty room you can take those to and roll them up”.

I politely refused and said it was their job as extortion collectors to count and process these coins and that I had a ‘Right’ remaining in my deck to bestow this copper currency upon them. She rang upstairs to her supervisor, soon another oppression official was telling me this time that they had an account at a local bank and that I was suppose to take their stolen money down to the street to have it counted  and deposited into the city’s authoritarian blackmail account.  I declined, she stated that it was their ‘policy’ to not accept loose un-rolled coins which led to her calling the third link in the chain of command.  Two young armed men showed up by this time into the back of the office with blank stares and underlying chit-chat about a few of their masters not complying to personal polices. The highest member of this greedy racket finally showed up and dodged our cameras, to huddle with her lower-level theft collectors to break away shortly to the decision to give-in to my demands and accept these ammo boxes filled with pennies.

The initial Supervisor grabbed her purse, the young uniformed order follower picked up all three ammo boxes and off they went to the financial institution with a change counter. So we did not just ‘take a seat’ and waste time we returned outside to grab our rifles and pace up and down the side walk a few times to further educate the public to the presence of firearms in public and give a couple interviews to two local journalists outside. The cop car containing the supervisor an her escort pulled up to wave me in to get my receipt which I calmly ignored to continue my discussion with the news person.  When I was ready we went in to collect my receipt to a few frowns, whispers and head shakes from the newly groomed indoctrinated servants that are being unleashed onto the streets with the belief that stealing money is OK.

We left that City Hall with a feeling of Liberty as we did not just simply play by their rules by bending over to the State, we made them earn it. What we hope to do is encourage more to do the same when you have to be forced to hand over your income to City Mafia’s like Denison, Texas.