Tax Collectors Confronted at Libertarian Festival

Tax Collectors Confronted at Libertarian Festival

LANCASTER NH – The Free State Project’s annual Porcupine Freedom Festival is arguably the largest gathering of libertarians, voluntaryists, and anarchists who spend the week camping, socializing, and sharing the ideas of freedom.  None of those activities include government agents.  So, when two individuals from the “Department of Revenue” showed up to Rogers Campground with their clipboards, they were immediately confronted by a swarm of activists expressing opposition to their presence.

Ian Freeman, liberty activist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Free Talk Live, was armed with his camera and showered the the sharply dressed thugs with a barrage of questions.  Freeman kept asking the men what their plans were if the vendors did not comply with their orders.  The underlying answer to the question was that these men would eventually send men with guns to forcefully gain compliance, although they never admitted the truth behind their actions.

“It looks like you’re here to start trouble, and I’ve got to say, I don’t appreciate it.  Please go home”  Freeman told the men.

Mr. Lawerence Replied, “we treat everyone equally”

Freeman immediately responded, “yea, you treat everyone like shit”

It wasn’t long after the brief confrontation when agent Ray Persinger peeled off from the activist swarm and attempted to shake down an onion ring vendor who was doing business on the appropriately named, “agora alley”.  But before he could find out if the vendor was under the thumb of the state, two woman rained on the agent’s parade by claiming he was trespassing on private property and asked him to leave.  Persinger correctly claimed that he was on camp ground property, but he forgot to mention that he was not an invited guest.

The government thugs then walk back to the park entrance to sort out the private property dispute and apparently lost.  A few minutes later, the men get in their government issued vehicle and vacated the premises as the activists surrounded their car and claimed victory.

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PorcFest attendees pose next to the Department of Revenue vehicle outside Rogers Campground. Photo courtesy VoluntaryistRebel (facebook)

According to, the assumption is that the agents left permits for the campground owner to distribute to vendors

…the conversation I had and overheard leads me to believe that Crosby has been recruited to pass out government paperwork to food vendors. I plan to investigate further with the vendors and see what’s happening behind-the-scenes.