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Pro-gun Videographer Hospitalized after Brutal Assault by Anti-Gun Filmmaker

Pro-gun Videographer Hospitalized after Brutal Assault by Anti-Gun Filmmaker

YouTube Videographer William Saunderson a pro 2nd Amendment Activist that has many works on YouTube and other sites was violently attacked by and anti-gun film producer and director from Spin Films, Skye Fitzgerald. Saunderson has been hospitalized due to the injuries that he has sustained

In a statewide gun debate that has been never ending, Saunderson was invited to be in documentary that was being filmed in Oregon about the ongoing feud. The creator of the YouTube Channel “Laughing at Liberals,” Mr. Saunderson accepted after Fitzgerald promised that the documentary would show both sides of the issue. The film trailer was released and it caught Saunderson of guard because it was totally one-sided against gun owners.
So a discussion was arranged in a Gresham, Oregon restaurant with a few others to witness and document the encounter. The subject of the heavily anti gun bias of the movie was argued in a heated exchange resulting in Mr. Fitzgerald agressively assaulting  Mr. Saunderson, with witnesses saying led to the dislocation of his shoulder and fracturing his arm along with Mr. Saunderson’s camera equipment being taken from him by Fitzgerald.

Chris Cochran an eye witness present during the altercation explains his account of the meeting below.

“Here is what happened…. Skye Fitzgerald approached Jennie, Michelle, and I in early 2013 and asked if we would be part of a documentary he was making. He had good credentials (history channel, discovery, etc), so we let him pitch it. He said it was a documentary on the “gun debate” in Oregon. He was coming from a neutral and un-bias perspective. So we all agreed.
Fast forward to a couple years later to about a week ago. We discovered his trailer for the film, titled “Oregon Divide,” along with his pitch for money on indigogo. It was the most bias, one sided, and anti gun, thing I have seen in a while. So, William and I decided to confront him about it. I texted him and asked if he would meet up at Shari’s to talk, and he agreed.
So, I arrive at Shari’s first and am waiting for them both to show up. Skye shows up next, and William shortly after. Skye sat on the bench opposite from william and I. We started to have a normal and calm conversation. Nothing bizarre. Then we start to bring up our concerns about the bias of the film. He gets very edgy and defensive.

Skye asks, “are you bias, Chris?”

I answer, “of course I am.”

He then asks William, “are you bias?”

William answers, “yes, but I’m not the one telling people that I am creating a neutral documentary.”

All this time, William has his camera sitting on the table right in front of him. Recording…which is completely legal.

Skye asks, “are you recording?”

William says “yes.”

Skye responds, “You need to turn that off and stop recording me.”

William replies, “no, I’m not going to do that.”

Skye reaches over the table to grab the camera from William. William grabs the camera back away from him. Skye lunges over the table and grabs both of Williams’s cameras. They get in a small brawl inside the Shari’s The manager tells them that they need to leave. So, Skye walks out and William follows him while on the phone with 911, telling them what happened, and that Skye stole his equipment.

William follows Skye to the parking lot, where Skye tackles William to the ground, which is what ended up breaking his arm and shoulder. Skye takes William’s cameras and throws them into the front seat of the car and gets in. William stands behind the car to try to stop him from leaving, then Skye starts his car and backs up, almost running over William. Skye then sped away down the street, and has not been seen since.
The police came and took statements from myself, Shari’s staff, and William. They followed him to the hospital where they could talk more.”
Mr. Fitzgerald immediately blames his assault on Saunderson, by saying that he was going for a gun and that Sauderson attacked him first both accusations were answered by Cochran as complete Bullshit.

Fitzgerald was in hiding and ‘Be on the Lookout’ was promptly issued by police to try an locate the fugitive. , Fitzgerald soon chose to turn himself in and he’s being charged with multiple felonies with assault and robbery included.  After the Gresham Police Department investigated the scene and conducted interviews with all witnesses and bystanders it was concluded that no firearms were in posession by anyone.
Mr. Saunderson was rolled into surgery today and unfortunately the surgeons say that he’ll be very lucky to be able to obtain 80% usage of his severely injured arm. What is it with these anti-gun liberals? They are always quick to label the pro-gun crowd as crazy and mentally unstable. Yet they are the ones who initiate the hate and are usually very forcefull physically. We really hope that William Sauderson has a quick recovery and that justice is served for Fitzgerald.

After the attack, Fitzgerald tweeted A couple Oregon anti-gun organizations,  hmmm….talk about bias.