Contentious Texas Rep Seeks To Strip Parental Rights, Force Vaccinations Upon Children

Contentious Texas Rep Seeks To Strip Parental Rights, Force Vaccinations Upon Children

AUSTIN TX – The Tyrant strikes again, Republican State Representative Jason Villalba from Dallas, who exposed yesterday, filed a bill last month which would remove a parents right to not vaccinate their children and be able to attend the private and public schools that they pay for by eliminating the conscientious and religious exemptions that exist under current statutes.  The bill was read and referred to the health committee on Wednesday.

As of now Texas which is one of 20 states that allows a conscientious  reason to not have their kids or themselves injected with heavy metals in order to attend public and private schools or universities. The others are religious, medical, or an armed services exemption. To opt out of the state vaccine requirements parents simply sign an affidavit that they can have mailed to them from Austin stating that understand the risks of not immunizing their child and that they could be asked not to attend school in the case public health emergency, or epidemic.

New Braunfels’ State Senator Donna Campbell is against this bill, her concerns are that reducing exemptions for parents and individuals to remain unvaccinated is granting more government control over our lives and bodies.  Republican State Senator from Georgetown and the Chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Charles Schwertner is opposed as well.  His chief of staff said “Vaccines are responsible for saving countless lives over the last century, and as a practicing physician, Senator Schwertner believes that immunization represents a critical component of protecting the public health.  At the same time, the Senator would prefer to increase education about the safety of these vaccines rather than imposing new mandates that would ask Texas parents to act against their own conscience or their deeply-held religious beliefs.”

Representative Villalba says that

“We are just saying, ‘Look, if you are going to send your children to public schools, they need to be vaccinated, we are going to ask that you keep other children safe.”

By destroying them freedom of others?  He goes on to say,

“This is an important measure, this is not about eliminating the civil rights of individuals. We understand there will be objections to this from the religious community and from civil libertarians. And we’re not saying that we’re forcing people to get vaccinations, we’re saying that if you want to send your kids to the public schools, we’re asking you to get them vaccinated so that they don’t end up causing disease in the general public school population.”