Patriot Misunderstood, Kory Watkins a Rebel Without a Pause

Patriot Misunderstood, Kory Watkins a Rebel Without a Pause

By Andre’ Gabriel Esparza

There is a man who walks the line in Texas. A Freedom lover, Tarrant County Precinct chair, Radio Show host, Father, Brother, Husband, and Son. Kory Watkins who credits the discovery of Ron Paul for his awakening to the corruption and tyranny in government, and Paul’s strong stance for Freedom and Liberty. The “what if” speech that Paul spoke on the House floor, and Presidential debates in which he swayed far from the same tiresome rhetoric that the establishment would sign on to. With his wife and kids by his side he block walked for two of the newly elected prominent State Senators Don Huffines from Dallas and IMG_622650956790971Konni Burton on the Fort Worth side of the metroplex. Mrs. Burton has been amazing in her campaign promises and even refusing tax payer lobbyists from visiting her office. Mr. Huffines immediately filed Senate Bill 342 a Constitutional Carry Bill along with lowering the age to purchase and possess a firearm from 21 to 18, that is sponsored by Sen. Burton as well. Mr. Watkins’s Facebook page is constantly humming about the push for Gun Rights, by energizing the people to call, email, and mail letters to Legislators.

All the negativity thrown at Mr. Watkins about his choice of methods, have been simply petty and not very relevant. Just like politicians smear each other by bringing up ancient “slap on the hand” occurrences like a couple misdemeanors on his record from when he was 17. Also the outrage of other Pro-Freedom lovers, patriot groups, the media, and even 1st and 2nd Amendment activists some of whom have detracted from any affiliation with him or the groups that he’s associated with. Why separate yourself from Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson type of Freedom Fighter? This is part of an online comment by video that to many has been taken way out of context. I see an obvious exercise of his rights and a simple call to action to energize his base.

“ we’re tired of jacking around with people in suits who think they can take away freedoms in the name of safety.”

“I don’t know if they forgot what their duty is, but it’s to protect the Constitution. And let me remind you, going against the Constitution is treason. And, my friend, that is punishable by death. That’s how serious this is,” Watkins said.

“They better start giving us our rights or this peaceful non-cooperation stuff is going to be gamed up. We’re going to step it up a notch,” he said. “We should be demanding these people give us our rights back, or it’s punishable by death.”

IMG_2907722268225Other 2nd Amendment rights activists had major complaints about his aggressive strategies in the Texas State Capitol Building on the first day of legislation, State Rep. Poncho Nevarez was said to have sparked a request for panic buttons to be installed in “The Peoples’s” offices. Having something rushed to vote, passed, then the funding and commencement of installation to begin within days to me was a pre determined plan. Not just by being called out By Mr. Watkins and Jacob Cordova and having a foot being placed in the door for refusing to vote for H.B.195 a Constitutional Open Carry bill filed by Jonathan Stickland (R) from Bedford. A proponent of his favorite quote “Those who would give up their Liberties for Safety deserve neither”

He also goes head first into the non-compliance of unjust and unconstitutional ordinances such as when the city of Arlington ticketed and threatened with arrest an open carry group for simply handing out pocket constitutions and pro 2nd Amendment literature. He and the Tarrant county open carry group sued the city and won. By his side the whole time has been Jacob Cordova and Air Force Veteran that has walked the walk and talked the talk as well. I asked Mr.Cordova what his thought was about Kory, he said

“Kory is the modern day symbolism of “Don’t Tread on Me”.

When asked what his next obstacle to tackle after the Gun Rights are hopefully restored in Texas,  Watkins replied

“Texas property rights, ending the Knife and Sword regulations, and overspending, there is a lot of careless spending in this state.”

Cannabis reform is high on his list as well. Discussions like these and others can be heard on the radio show that he and Kenny Lovett host on We Resisters blogtalkradio on Friday nights.

Pablo Frias, a fellow patriot on the front-lines of the freedom movement says, Kory is a “Well rounded passionate individual that puts other people before himself, for someone who receives so much negative feedback, whether it be the media, people in general or even people from the liberty movement itself, he seems to have everything intact, he wants nothing more than for people to be free, happy, and just enjoy life.” His co-host on their weekly radio show Kenny Lovett states that, He admires Kory for “Taking a stand, it takes someone to lead and to take the first step then people will follow. Kory has that drive to lead, he doesn’t care what the media says, it drives him more, I’m glad to have a friend like Kory, he has opened my eyes to a lot of things, When you look at Kory you see a James Madison, a founding father fighting for Liberty and Freedom.”   Frias, Lovett and Cordova are also on the front line of Police Accountability, mainly in Tarrant County where they reside, along with Watkins, all have been arrested unjustly for filming the cops, carrying a antique black powder pistol, interfering with police duties. All of these encounters are on video and are being battled in court.  Fighting for the rights of not only himself but countless others. His aggressiveness and the utilization of his Freedoms to express and engage the battle to have our rights restored are trashed by many within the liberty movement. Yes, within the Liberty movement, a raw deal most would say.

IMG_2595903221311Having the way he exercises his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights being deemed incorrect or unorthodox is silly, especially by these same people who are on the same side of the etched line in the sand. Just like a defense on any sports team needs an aggressor, an intimidator, one that goes head first into the melee. Organizing Police overeach rallies and going to Cleburne just south of Fort Worth to help protest a dog being shot by a police officer. One who tirelessly volunteers his time for a brighter future for his and all of our kids. Members of other Pro-Constitution, Pro-Liberty groups are claiming to distance themselves and to not agree with his tactics when some have been utilizing similar game plans. It is not a threat or overbearing to recite quotes from our forefathers and defining the end result of treason according to the Constitution. A document that all of us live under and pull out when we are looking for any kind of defense from Tyranny.

If by saying to a legislative committee that he will continue to walk around with his AK47 if not being granted his right to holster a lighter, more comfortable handgun, promise to block walk until his “feet bleed” for the oath breakers next opponent, and putting a foot in the door of a taxpayer-funded elected official’s office for denying to vote according to his oath is too harsh or not being polite? Then how else are you suppose to get your rights back and make these lawmakers listen to us? We are having our liberties taken from us almost daily. This State Rep. Nevarez admitted to being a Tyrant to the Constitution. That in itself is a “Threat” to all of us who live in this Constitutional Republic. We have been silent and nice for far to long. It’s past time to step up to the next level. Leaving him isolated and open to media attacks by the infighting only does the movement a severe injustice by abandoning one of their own. We are all on the same side and it is a must to accept the minor differences of a few.